Cory Beers (cimbalom)

Cory Beers is a versatile drummer and percussionist who in addition to the cimbalom, specializes in North Indian tabla and Macedonian davul.  However, Cory is equally at home with many other percussion instruments and is fluent in a wide array of musical styles.


Cory earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in percussion performance from the California Institute of the Arts, where he studied contemporary Western percussion as well as the traditional music of North India, Bali, Java and West Africa.  He also attended the Conservatory of Music in Chișinău, Moldava  studying cimbalom performance.


Cory frequently performs with diverse groups such as Falsetto Teeth, Taraful Usturoi, thePetrojvic Blasting Company and Eighteen Squared.  He also composes for and plays with his percussion ensemble BoorBaar, a group known for its unusually complex and inventive percussion music.

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